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Due to space limitations, the appendices to The Blameless Victim were not included.  Filled with much more information, these appendices complete the chronology from January 9, 2002 until February 10, 2012.  Fill-in the form below to request any or all of the appendices.





The Blameless Victim:  Our Ten Year Legal Battle Against Zurich American Insurance and American International Group

Appendix A:  The Many Persons Involved


Appendix B:  Spinal Cord Injury:  An Overview


Appendix C:  Spinal Cord Fusion Surgery


Appendix D:  Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury


Appendix E:  Living with Spinal Cord Injury


Appendix F:  Spinal Cord Injury Research


Appendix G:  Recommendations to Future Blameless Victims of Spinal Cord Injury and their Families


Appendix H:  On Being a Patient Advocate


Appendix I :  Access to Medical Care for Individuals with Mobility Disabilities

Appendix K:  The Stress of Family Caregiving:  Your Health May Be at Risk


Appendix L :  The Process of Personal Injury Litigation: How Insurance Defense Attorneys Frustrate the Legal System to their Advantage


Appendix M :  Massachusetts’ Lacks Legal Recourse for Blameless Victims when Bad Faith Actions are Committed by the “Primary” Insurance Carrier and the “Excess” Insurance Carrier


Appendix O :  The Many Preventable Victimizations of Marcia Rhodes


Appendix P :  Required Changes to the Massachusetts General Laws


Appendix T :  My Personal Commentaries




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