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•   Learn from the Colossal Mistakes that were made


•   Read how one family prevailed over two giant insurance carriers


•   Find out how one insurance carrier was severely punished


•   Learn about the awful secondary medical complications


•   Understand how to home care for a blameless victim


•   Realize how to best work with your medical providers


•   See how a teenager dealt with a parent’s catastrophic injury

•   Learn how to overcome recalcitrant insurance carriers


•   Get an “eye-popping” insider’s view of how insurance claims adjustors work


•   Read the insurance claims notes between two large insurance carriers


•   Improve your understanding of the lives of blameless victims during litigation


•   Access all of the trial transcripts, depositions, and exhibits from five courtroom trials

On January 9, 2002, Marcia Rhodes was paralyzed from the chest down when an 80,000-pound tanker truck slammed into the back of her stopped Toyota Corolla.


The Blameless Victim provides an uncensored account of the emotional, medical, financial, and legal problems that Marcia Rhodes, her husband Harold, and their daughter Rebecca faced in dealing with insurance giants Zurich and AIG after that catastrophic injury.  The books tells the story from the date of the injury until the final decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Feb. 10, 2012.  That decision penalized AIG in excess of $20 million for its delaying tactics in settling the claim but refused to penalize Zurich for worse conduct.


That crash was the beginning of a traumatic 10-year ordeal during which the Rhodes family waged a court battle seeking to force Zurich and AIG to make the payments they owed for Marcia’s injuries.  After winning that battle, they waged a second one seeking to prevent insurance companies from using disgraceful and deliberate stall tactics to delay justice to blameless victims in the future.


The Blameless Victim chronicles these court battles, providing an eye-opening look at the claims processing operations within and among the insurance companies.  The accompanying web site,, provides all the legal documents, evidence, claims notes, and more.


The Blameless Victim demonstrates that the immensely difficult problems that recalcitrant insurance companies and an uncaring legal system will push onto a blameless victim and her family can be overcome.  Its lessons will teach plaintiffs, their families and their attorneys how to fight these battles in the trenches, day in and day out, and win!

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